Göteborgs Pepparkaksbageri is a Swedish company specializing in baking gingerbread biscuits. Gingerbread is a traditional Swedish biscuit which you eat at special occasions.
It all started in 1924 when the bakery opened in Gothenburg and our gingerbread recipe is still a well protected secret – only a few know the ingredients! One of the loveliest things about our product is the touch of lemon oil.

We are a small family owned company and it is the third generation which makes the company still going strong. Every year we make over two million gingerbread biscuits, and we mostly sell in Sweden but also abroad. Our gingerbread is an increas-ingly popular product. We sin-cerely hope you will enjoy our gingerbread biscuits. For more information, please contact:

Göteborgs Pepparkaksbageri
St Sigfridsgatan 146
S-412 67 Gothenburg

Telephone: 004631401045
Fax: +4631406845
E-mail: info@pepparkaksbageriet.se

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